Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Daily Ordeal

Started towards office. There were 4 options before me. Going in my neighbor’s car, seeking my father’s help, to curse the public transport and use it too or to use a private auto.

The first option got exhausted when my ego did not allow me to cling to my neighbor’s car, despite the fact that he volunteered dropping me. My father was already shouting that he was behind schedule, and I was pretty sure that any request from my side would be rejected out rightly. The last option was almost closed since I have taken a resolution not to go by auto. I made it a practice to go by autorickshaw daily, that my conscience started questioning me about my laziness and the price I pay for it. That was a bit heavy. Rs. 60 per day. Amounts to Rs1500 per month. Already a good part of my wealth was shared with autowalas last month and I did not want to become cleaned out by doing the same mistake.

That gave me no option, but to go by the same old state transport. When I went to bus stand, there again I had three options. There were 3 buses going to my destination, and I stood confused, which one to choose. After carefully analyzing all the three, I went inside the one, which was populous, hoping that some preliminary investigation about the departure time would have already done by the people inside.

I made myself comfortable, managing to find a place to sit. Soon the passengers became restless and I found some leaving the bus to catch another. The other bus, which was less crowded, took off now. I chose to remain loyal to my first selection and did not make a slightest effort to shunt. Had I chosen to go by that other bus and took my toes, the success rate would have been 50%, and that another 50% possibility of failure forced me to remain loyal. A fierceful run from our current state to catch a moving bus definitely demands 100% success, as I did not want to cut a sorry face and enter to my same old position.

Soon after, conductor entered the bus and I was happy that my loyalty was rewarded. But I was wrong again. As conductor entered our bus, the third bus, which was even less crowded, took off now, leaving this bus to be a late starter. I cursed myself for not making use of enquiry counter to know in advance the departure timings.

Thus, in the very morning, our state transport buses threw a great challenge before me, in which I miserably failed. That did not put my mood off although.

The challenges in evening hours are bit different. You could label yourself, son of lady luck, if u happen to locate a vacant seat. At times if one is lucky enough to catch a less crowded bus, we always find that sex ratio is highly imbalanced, with higher male population. That gives them a liberty to occupy ladies seat. A courteous female passenger would find it difficult to be harsh with her co traveler. If the other party smells that the female passenger is courteous, he would utilize that fully, least bothering about his unauthorized occupancy.

One could not offer to miss a bus just because it is crowded unless he or she has the patience to wait endlessly. Chosen to travel in a bus, which is populous, one is supposed to help the conductor in his duty of distributing tickets. Having shared their work, I am just planning to sue these guys for depriving me of my commission.

Imagine a badly smelling lady, with least courtesy and decency, shares the space with you in a crowded bus. That could be your most ill fated day. A slight murmur would be taken too offensive and would end up in a fierce fight in which we are sure to lose. The very moment one chooses to travel in a crowded bus, would make him, long for the moment at which he could set his foot on the land, liberating himself from the stingy atmosphere, unique to the bus.

Having tolerated this ordeal for more than one and half years by now, I am now planning for a great project to untie myself from this. And the name of the project is, Project Honda Activa. This is so unique and liberating that one could transport him so easily, without bothering to locate the bus which would start early, without the need to rush so as to sit comfortably and without sharing the work of someone. I know u could not stop wondering about this great project and could hardly resist from donating liberally towards it. Any such intention of yours is highly appreciated, and would be rewarded with a Thank You note, upon realization of the cheque given. I am afraid that none of your donations are eligible for deduction u/s 80G, though I am confident of convincing our finance minister about this, in my scheduled meeting tomorrow.


Blogger Tantalising Tycoon said...


I constantly find you suffering to reach office... No Wonder.. Operation Honda Activa will be a grand success..


Thursday, June 02, 2005 5:08:00 AM  
Blogger thennavan said...

Oram po Oram po
Rukkumani vandi varudhu

Vaangadaa vandanam pannungadaa
Vandhu indha vandiyai thallungadaa


Monday, June 06, 2005 8:48:00 AM  
Blogger Hawkeye said...

fiery blaser,

i have book-tagged u in my blog. its sort of a game going oround in the blogging world..where every blogger names 5 other bloggers and asks them to list their favorite books. i think the idea is to list the # of books everyone has, list them in a category (any category)...then list last 5 books read and then list 5 favorite books. AND then (phew) name 5 other bloggers.

someone tagged me and i tagged u (along with 5 other folks)..i cant say i have followed the rules precisely. i wasnt 2 happy to be tagged given that i was busy.. but i played along just to keep up the spirit.

Thursday, June 09, 2005 10:56:00 PM  
Blogger Prabu Karthik said...

Project Honda Activa?
Ahem ahem.

Your profile says "a bit short tempered individual wanting results quickly.". Try chennai roads on a two wheeler:-).You will be a transformed person for sure:-)

Sitting inside the chennai auto is one thing.Tackling them on roads is a different ball game. Given an option to choose, i would tackle shoaib akhtar at his chucking best and the "podi dosai" in karthik tiffin center but no chennai auto and mtc buses.

All this from my experience in project Hero Honda Spendour for 3 years.

And reg donations, give me your address after your meet with the FM :-)

Very well written. Sorry i could not drop by earlier.

Sunday, June 12, 2005 12:07:00 AM  
Blogger Atta Girl said...

You've just told my everyday pang with these state transport buses. The only difference is I'm suffering this for last 4 years now. (Had to let go of "MY CAR" dream coz i ploughed my savings in Project US MBA)

I have to travel from main city Delhi to the suburbs (~30km)... unfortunately the only other alternative after these buses is cabs (coz autos can't cross the city border - nevertheless traveling on them till the border has so far ripped me off my savings quite a bit)...and the cabs are a non-option -- they are darn expensive (they aren't like chennai's call taxis...they charge 400 bucks one side...buggers)!

Well, I don't have as polite neighbours as yours, else I wud've chucked my ego and tagged along rather suffer the nasty-always-trying-to-touch, men folk in delhi buses!! phew! what a rant that was! LOL!

Anyway, i have to suffer this only for a month..hopefully times ahead are better!

Sunday, June 12, 2005 1:55:00 AM  
Blogger fieryblaster said...

@ Thennavan: Orram poiththaanaaganum. Illana Kai kaal poidum illa.

@ Prabu Karthick : U r right. But one cannot underestimate bus travel's might in transforming person. I stand as a refined lady. Thanks to our PTC. Now that I found one willing contributor, I am all set to Honda show room expecting one blank cheque.(Hee,hee)

@ Atta Girl: u r right atta girl. I thought I wud become a bit wild if i start writing abt nasty men we meet in bus. That made me hold my hand from touching that topic. I wish ur project dream car would come true. (now that u have already joined MBA, it is a that is a "dream come true")

Monday, June 13, 2005 4:52:00 AM  

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