Sunday, April 24, 2005

Forgotton Feeling

There was more than one way to show our affinity towards motherland in olden days. You can choose to be a warrior, or a faithful messenger, and options were running to pages. During british rule, the wonderful way was to revolt against them. Oh, came freedom and we people started exploring all possible ways to show our patriotism.

Ever thought a set of 11 men can invoke the intricate feeling of patriotism, irrespective of their level of loyalty towards the Nation or the game itself? Who cares whether Manmohan manages to retain Kashmir from bull eyed musharaff? All we need is a turbulent victory in ODI. We forgive them when they are defeated by Srilanka, or even by the coyly Kenya, but not when bowled out by pak. Poor players become vulnerable target of the patriotic souls in India.

Regarding hospitality, we are unbeatable. Should not we be happy enough to greet great general musharaff who conspired Kargil, and who happily eggs on terrorism in Kashmir? A great Indian weaver from Hyderabad presented him a hyderabadi shwerwani, which costed him in lakhs, vehemently disapproving to take any money from Indian Government. Ya, we are uniquely patriotic.

And yes, the portrayal by media should not be ignored here. The top cover story was the places of interest of musharaff and his begum. Trivial things enthuse media, diluting the pertinence of the issue under question. I wonder he is the first diplomat given such a big coverage after Clinton and his family.

Come some calamity, every Indian will long for his turn to serve the deprived. We care little for our old parents; think very little about our fellow neighbor, even less about the deprived children doing petty jobs. But the patriotism phobia drives one mad during the calamity period. Funds from all over India converge to a single point, media will be busy covering the sufferings of people and ineptness of the local government, politicians will be busy blaming each other and we public will be busy sending whatever we can.

The recent occasion to show our patriotism was when TN got tsunamied. The affected got more than what they needed. They were no longer in a mood to accept your old cloth. They demanded from public, found it easy to lie down and eat, blamed the whole India for their state. And if you are someone who decline to contribute to them, beware you will be branded as an agmark anti Indian.

To add to this, we feel inferior and insecure about our roots. “Oh, what a poor Nation India is. What sort of mass She has? Think the citizens will improvise the motherland? No way.” Educated masterminds in our country, who diligently perform their duty of degrading our own Nation, commonly utter these lines. Signing heavily hearing about other nations, undermining our own capacity, feeling low about our self are the dangerous turns that patriotism has taken.

Won’t we realize our capacities? Can’t we measure our achievements? Can’t we bring peace in the house of a needy? Can’t we do away with the mocking foreign institutions money? Can’t our mind be broad enough to think about the deprived few around us? Won’t our Nation prosper if we are determined? And at last, will the citizens hear the cry of this patriotic Indian?


Anonymous Raghab said...

Very Well man.

Patriotic jolt.... Rocks...

Sunday, April 24, 2005 6:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a revolutionary God Fearing Person...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 1:58:00 AM  

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