Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Me at Coorg - Part II

We reached Abby falls when it was 3.00 PM. I started walking enthusiastically, ahead of the group, to get foretaste of the waterfall. Though the waterfall was not affluent, there was enough fluid to amuse us. Brave Heart is a great swimmer and it was time to prove his swimming talents. Soon Confident Blabberer and Quite Killer dived in which motivated lot other young men to submerge.

We ladies preferred watching nature silently. After an hour of silent rejoices, we decided to make a move. Location Planner, who was till then mutely shooting heroic gestures of our colleagues in water, wanted to prove his skills on land. He tried jumping from a relatively higher mount. Policeman nearby was already annoyed as he mistook one of Laughing Thunder’s comments. His act aggravated the policeman and Location Planner let his tongue loose. That was enough to create a storm and situation was out of control. Though we were at no fault, it was not time to fight for justice. I usually tend to loose control and will not miss a chance to exchange blows. I uttered some words which might have worsened the situation, but Laughing Thunder was cautious enough to control me and I was lucky enough as the policeman did not listen me.

Man of the day was Wise Captain. He handled the situation efficiently, trying to soothe the policeman. But for his effective execution of managerial tactics, our day would have been ruined. There was one more incident which demanded Wise Captain’s skill, though I am slotting it for some other occasion.

Nevertheless this reserved our interest to some extent; But we caught our moods back after a small gap. When it was 5.00 P.M. we landed in Raja’s Seat. After a quick stroll at garden, we preferred walking in a bumpy path, rather a difficult terrain to get a better view of the valley. But for Bubbly Beauty’s initial hesitation, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the walk. After that walk, I still found myself left with lot of energy, but it was already late and after a decent dinner, we went back to our rooms.

The tedious day had its impact on Constant Moaner, and she was almost crying due to aching body. We were nearly lifting her to the room and made her comfortable. Wrapping herself tightly with three blankets, she went to sleep. That night went peacefully, with no new tensions about her health.

It was Sunday, and we started earlier that morning, ready to travel towards Mysore. Our plan was to visit Srirangapattnam Temple and Mysore Palace and catch the train. When we were half way through, our driver informed about Dubari forest and lured us saying about elephant ride and boating. Boating never enchanted me. I disapproved the location, but my protest was subdued by majority will.

I prepared myself for that unscheduled visit. The water level was shallow that one could jog in the river and still can reach faster than the boat. But a starving river gives more thrill than a flooding one as the former allows us to have a closer look at her. I enjoyed the ride that way.
We crossed the river, and were eagerly awaiting elephant safari. Seven of us, including the Mahut were on elephant at a time. The journey would have been much interesting had the place been surrounded by green trees. But we could see only dry bamboos, and still that different experience was enough to make me glad.
Our next scheduled visit was to Mysore Palace. But it was too late as we reached that place only by 7.00 PM while we had our train at 8.00 PM. By the time we reached the palace, lights were switched on, the Palace carried a brilliant look. Wise Captain was too busy catching the exteriors, while I was anxious to peep into its interiors for a short while. But we never went inside as it was too late for our train.

When it was 10.30 PM, my mother rang up and asked what she had to cook the next day. Her call made me closer to my place. The next day, I was narrating the whole story to my mother, enjoying her skillfully prepared rasam accompanied by hot appalams.


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ur second blog was more on incidents and places.

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