Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sky is my limit

Is there any ambit within which human’s view is restricted? I don’t think so. Distinguishing and comparing is human nature. There are certain basic criterions, which are to be fulfilled in any human being. Nothing is too holy that a slight comparison would make it lose its sanctity. By the way, my humble opinion (not really as humble as it seems to be :))is, nothing in this world carries any sanctity with it. It is only our distance, either mental or physical which makes us to revere something or someone.

Some politicians and writers were my childhood heroes and a slight foul talk about them was enough to make me show all my hidden talents of uproar and commotion. With time, many managed to go out of that hero list, though few still strongly retain that position.

Though I personally hate to hear anything bad about anyone in that hero list, I have not hesitated to air my views freely, irrespective of the sanctity of the subject being criticized.

I think I have given enough prelude.

It is more than exact that Infants are too innocuous, innocent, tender, charming and soothing that we can almost generously postpone all our immediately killing worries and duties to spend some time with them. Despite the fact that most of the infants forcefully object my presence, as if trying to safeguard them selves from some grave danger, I never gave up my attempt to tactfully soothe them and have some good time with them.

I have observed that each child is different. Leave the looks that some have and some do not. That is out of scope of this blog. The inquisitiveness in their eyes. Very few have them. The instant grasp. Very few posses it. The playful nature. Some really do not have it. The adaptability. Some unique children do possess this. These children really love seeing different people and crawling from lap to lap is an enjoyable play for these children.

Thus, just as we like some adults and do not create fondness towards others, it is equally possible that we like some children and do not feel attached to some, as long as the child is someone else’s :).

In TV shows, the way these children carry themselves differ widely. Some are really confident kings and queens and win over the comperer with their innocent and positive smile. Some with tears over their chubby cheeks, look at their parents standing behind the camera, giving a helpless look, while some get fixed to their seats, budging a little heeding to the slight command, opening the mouth hesitantly, to dislodge whatever was fed inside their tiny brains some moment before and hopelessly looking at their parents when they stumble.

It was always my point that just because a child is a child, a third person need not always get immensely attracted towards it. And whenever I shared this view with my friends, they saw me with grimaced face, as if viewing a villain. Do not really know how may of you may conclude that I am a villi. But when it comes to expressing opinions, sky is my limit. No bars held.