Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doddamalur visit

It is my third visit to Doddamallur Aprameya Swamy Temple. We started fairly late. Still I made it a point to do our usual pooja at home. Thus our journey started with a right note. Stopped near Domlur and had our breakfast of home made idlies. But we soon realized that we are running a risk seeing the closed gates of temple. I made a mental prayer to Lord and the journey continued.                           

Once we reached Chennapatna, I was eagerly looking for toy shops on the road rejoicing at the fact that I will be visiting these after the temple visit. The driver rode pretty fast and we reached the temple on time. While my husband ran to ensure priest’s presence at Krishna’s Sannidhi, I sneaked in to have a look at the main deity, Lord Aprameya.

 I was greatly disappointed when the gates were closed. Still I could glance at Lord from a distance. Accepting my fate, I started focusing my eyes on Lord, when the temple priest came and opened the gates for us. My joy knew no bounds. We went nearer and had a good darshan. Still I thought I am unable to see Swami clearly. The garbagraham was lit with ghee lamps only and it was pretty dark inside. Though the sketch of Swami was visible, His features were not clear. When this thought flashed, the priest switched on the tube light at outer praharam, which made me see Swami clearly. I thanked Lord Aprameya heartily and left to see Mahalakshmi Thayar.

 Then we went to Krishnar Sannidhi. Shri Krishna was on a simple alankaram. We had a closer look at Swami here too. Priest gave prasadam, which we fed to our daughter and moved on to do thula baaram for both our kids.

After these rituals, we sat at temple for few minutes, enjoying the prasadam and serene atmosphere. When we came out, I was delighted to show sparrows to my son. He has seen pigeons and crows. Sparrow is something new for him. Got some rice and fed the sparrows.

 Just then, a group of ladies arrived to have darshan of Lord. But unfortunately, the temple was closed by then. A pious old lady in the group prayed sincerely still standing outside the temple. Two very young children were there in the group and the family took shelter in a porch of a house, which was convenient for them to feed the children. On seeing the sight, I felt how thoughtful our ancestors were to design a porch. No need to ask permission from any one for sitting there. Whose ever house it might be, if one wanted to rest, it was verily possible. It is very sorry that our modern homes have compound walls, losing the thinnai in its entirety. I promised myself that one day I will build my house with thinnai in a village.

 We knew that there is an anganwadi(govt. crèche) nearby where small children were taken care. On our last visit, we gave them biscuits packets, but the anganwadi lady, collected those packets from the children, stating that she will distribute after lunch. We doubted whether they got the goodies. Still, this time, we carried some bananas and thought we can distribute only if the children were allowed to eat before our eyes. Thankfully, when we went to anganwadi, the incharge lady was not seen. We gave the bananas, which the children relished as if eating a great treat. It was a simple charity, which gave us immense satisfaction.

Purchased few small idols of Lord Krishna and Lakshmi Narasimha for next year Dasara gifts. By then I saw my husband feeding stray puppies. It all went on well till the big dog came to picutre. I insisted that even the big dog be fed. It seemed to be the mother dog. My husband resisted and I insisted. Succumbing, he fed the
big dog and a bad fight started. One of the puppies was badly hurt. It was sad to see him limping. Our good intentions not always fetch good results.

Then we visited chennapatna for toy purchase. Had our lunch at Kamat. Food was very hot. So hot that my stomach started burning just on seeing the food stuff. We nibbled the food and rushed to car to be back home on time. Over all, it was a trip to remember. Though it left my husband with a dent in his pocket, he did not mind, seeing the dents on our faces:)