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Shimoga Trip

It is wild. Any human presence is generously allowed by nature. While the Shimoga city is like any other city, inside of shimoga presents a different picture offering sheer luxury to nature lovers.
In addition to her bounty like the mighty jog falls, copious other waterfalls, the animals, the temples, the view points and the sanctuaries, the green carpet and silvery water which liberally fills whole of the district itself is enough to make the city dwellers dumbstruck. There is a lot to explore and find at this place. A best bet for adventure tourism.
14 kms from shimoga city, river Tunga crosses the speed breaker. Gajanur dam is wonderful and one can take a closer look at her at full speed. At the time we visited, the dam was fully opened, allowing her to flow with all valors. A few kilometers from Gajanur, at Sakrebayalu, wild elephants are tamed. Early in the morning, these elephants have a lavish and lazy bath, with mahouts taking the pain of cleaning them thoroughly. Lined up after the bath, they are fed and left inside the forests.

Elephant Camp
Koodali, 16 kms from Shimoga city is a place where rivers Tunga and Badra confluence. Surrounded by various age-old temples and a temple established by Sankaracharya the beauty and serenity combination is so wonderful that place should not be missed in anyone’s must see list.

The bird sanctuary at Mandagadde disappointed us since there was no boating due to heavy rains. Unmindful, the birds seemed to have their good time there, enjoying our deprival. The sanctuary houses three varieties of beautiful migratory birds, Egrets being the majority. Lion and tiger safari at Tyarekoppa is not to be missed.

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

Sagar taluk at shimoga district houses the legendary jog falls. July to January being the correct season for the falls, river sharavathi was taking a spectacular leap, leaving us to gape at her. Sharavathi makes four different falls before hitting the ground. Raja, rocket, roarer and rani. One can also have closer look at Raja and Rani before they make a fall. Raja is wild and irrepressible and still generous enough to allow us to walk through his wildness. A close to death view allows us to appreciate the full height of the falls. A guide should accompany this viewing strictly. Different views of the falls can be caught at different points, each being as thrilling as the other.

Lot more in stock nearer to Sagar. Prearranged nature camp, Guduvi bird sanctuary, Honnemaradu Island with water games, Ikkeri and Keladi temples. The weather has to be conducive for nature camp and bird sanctuary. Sagar is the favorite place for rain God, and shrubs and greens manifesting the abundance of rainfall occupy even the rooftops of houses. An ill prepared trip may spoil the mood.

A closer look at Jog

Though the temples are magnificent and wonderful, it is sad that they are ill maintained and full of algae. Insides are extremely slippery and harder than a climb to a rocky mountain. A careless step could be pleased with a mighty fall, drenching our dress thoroughly with the liberally spread water on the floor.

The most enthralling and peaceful village Agumbe is located 30 kms from Thirthahalli Taluk of Shimoga District. It seems that there is one water fall for every 4 or 5 kms and no local cares to visit any. Abbey falls, Jogigundi falls and Barkana falls gives an excellent view. But the help of local guide is needed as these falls are inside the forest and paths to them takes several bends and turns and one should not feel unease with leeches. Only a daring spirit will have its reward proper.

Jogigundi falls
The sunset point at Agumbe is beautiful. Someshwara and Bandipur Sanctuary are nearer. 30 kms from Agumbe, one can have a hearty trek on Kundadri.

Though whole of shimoga district is connected properly through wide number of private buses, shimoga is so wild that some of its places are sparsely populated and a wait for a bus at wee hours of evening may leave one anxious to reach home safely. Hence the day has to be planned well in advance if one chooses to take the service of these local buses. But a journey in one’s own vehicle would be unquestionably luxurious and independent.

Shimoga is a treasure. Wildness presented as such. Interested and patient souls never go out of the district with disappointment. To enjoy the trip thoroughly, remember information is wealth. Armed with as many information as possible, the trip is bound to be a sure success.

Good food at reasonable rates can be enjoyed at Shimoga city. Also, decent accommodation is available at best price. Average cost per day for accommodation could be in the range of Rs. 400- Rs. 800. Hotel Jewel Rock gives good comfort and can be contacted at 08182-223051.


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You are still writing man....thats a good news........Let me read the blog now......

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Jog falls are gorgeous!

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After a very long time.......Good one again.


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Nice trip. Thanks for sharing. A picturesque city dotted with waterfalls, swaying palms and lush paddy fields which make for a great place for tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty and refresh themselves, along with the cultural hub of the state of Karnataka. Check out all best places to visit in Shimoga also.

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