Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trip to Mudumalai

Who will not enjoy being in the lap of Mother Nature? We recently enjoyed the happiest weekend by being in Mudumalai. Chirping birds, green carpet and water bodies are part and parcel of their life, unlike we urbanities to whom these are luxuries.

We landed at Jungle Homes at Mudumalai. Horse riding and nature walk occupied first half of the day. As we were exploring a small water body, a sudden breaking noise attracted us and we were excited to see an elephant that was enjoying its feast. We were able to get a closer look.

Some abandoned birds (was told to us as ‘hornbills’) were given a new home there. It was strange to see small birds eating pooris and chapathis.

The next half of the day really disappointed us, as safari in Bandipur was cancelled due to heavy rain. It seems they no longer do jeep safaris. Only van safari was available and that too got cancelled due to continuously pouring skies.

The distance from Jungle home to Bandipur is almost 20 kms. Whenever we search the net for accommodation in bandipur, Jungle home comes first in the search result. Our enquiry did not enlighten us about the quantum of distance. So our choice of stay proved wrong. Personally, I feel the money paid to Jungle home was not worth. The rooms were not great and food was in ok to terrible range. (they charge Rs. 410 per person per day compulsorily for food). Jungle Home is lesser than a resort and greater than a lodge and thus fails to make a mark. But there is a point to mention. The proprietor is kind hearted and courteous enough which made these things tolerable.

The next day early in the morning we were in Mudumalai for safari. It was a pleasant experience. We sighted Bison, deers and peacock. The safari was enjoyable and made us to yearn more.

We also saw elephant feeding camp. This is for tamed elephants which work in Mudumalai forest. The session was wonderful as the mahuth gave a lot of information about elephants. They were fed a mix of kollu, ragi and rice. It seemed the huge animals were thoroughly enjoying their feed. Once the feeding was over, as if to end the meal with sweet, they were fed sugar cane. Apart from the normal food which they have in the forest, this feeding was to boost their strength.
What we missed was elephant safari. Sitting on an elephant and enjoying a ride in the forest would have been different and wonderful. But safari was already booked to full.

After this, we headed towards Gopalswamy Betta. There is no doubt that Karnataka is beautiful. Mother Nature had been too liberal with Karnataka that the whole state boasts of mountains, water and wild life. The scenic beauty of Gopalswamy betta was wonderful. Even wonderful is Lord Krishna in the temple atop.

I think Lord Krishna is in one of His happiest of homes, thoroughly pampered by nature.
After those blissful moments, we headed towards Mysore for a short trip to Brindavan Gardens. Musical fountain and other fountains were thoroughly enjoyable. The crowd was too heavy. No, it was toooooooooooooooo heavy. Eateries are flooding through out the campus. But adequate measures were taken to control the crowd. I wonder safety measures may require a revisit there.

So with Brindavan Gardens, our trip ended and unwillingly I am looking forward for a boring Monday at Bangalore.


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