Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Top Floor Advantage

I was used to independent house earlier in my native place, where I was free to go to upstairs, be myself and enjoy nature in that open terrace. After coming to Chennai where land is dearer, we were forced to take up an apartment where in my movements were limited to ground floor, depriving me of the benefits of open terrace.

Fortunately, I now moved in to another apartment housing almost hundred families, gifted with a very big open terrace. I am an ardent believer in physical exercises and see to that I work out at least for half an hour a day. I could practice it with much ease here, having walk for long hours while enjoying cool breeze and chatting with my little neighbor who narrates me about her friends and teachers, reminding me of my school days. But for this place, we would have never talked, and I would have missed enjoying the innocence of that little girl.

Morning walk here is a real bliss, though I seldom do it. Most of the morning hours are spent by me sleeping lazily, a practice, which I hate when others do and yet enjoy doing it myself. Crowded by fearless crows, lovely pigeons and active squirrels, the place remains a very good starter for the day. Also, a clear view of Lord Shiva’s temple situated a kilometer away from my place, gives a great pleasure and peace.

When it is summer, it is vadaam (fryum like stuff, made in-house, used as side dish) time. We could see the whole terrace covered by polythene sheets, with housewives busily engaged in making vadaams. The dough for making this wonderful eatable itself is so tasty, that small children hunt for mamis pleading for a handful of this stuff. Housewives will spend most part of the day here, guarding their hard done vadaams from mischievous children and birds.

My neighbour’s sweet little two-year-old daughter can spend hours together here, as this place gives her enough freedom to play and also she loves watching young children playing and laughing.

This is widely used as a open conference room, with housewives gathering together, by around 8.00 P.M.everyday, busily engaged in secret gossips, (though ultimately reaches the whole apartment depending upon the receptiveness of the lady of the house.), and in-depth analysis of various topics, ranging from their neighbor’s newly bought microwave oven to Trisha’s new hair style.

Not to miss the regular Association meeting conducted here. President of our Association, feeling as if he is President of our nation, will proudly occupy the dais (a table covered with cloth) speaking as loudly as he could, just to make up the absence of mike and will make we residents grumble and murmur because of his long boring advice which he routinely repeats every time. Cool drinks are rarely served and in case they are served, that occasion is marked by a huge crowd of children, enthusiastically taking part in the meeting. After all they are also residents of our flats, having every right to attend the meeting.

That night I was strolling with my cousin and she was talking about an expensive and posh flat that she was planning to buy. Asked her whether the flat has this much open space. When she replied in negative I said, “What a flat yaar? Want to lock yourself between four walls? I won’t leave my place even if I am offered a cozy flat with all amenities”, knowing clearly, that I won’t be offered one.


Blogger Hawkeye said...

good one! I rarely ever visit terraces. but when i do i enjoy the quietness it offers.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 10:14:00 PM  
Blogger fieryblaster said...

Hi Bharath, thanks for the patient reading.

Thursday, March 17, 2005 12:37:00 AM  

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