Monday, March 21, 2005

Me at Coorg – Part I

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Applicable equally for our team also. Team outing remained a long cherished wish and at last we made it. Yes, we set out for Coorg this Thursday and I am all set to share my experience with you.
I managed to reach there well before time and the cauvery express started at 9.30 P.M exactly. I saw all enthusiastic faces, looking for a delightful journey. The journey had a romantic start. Our newly wed, fund manager of the trip became excited as his wife would be waiting for the train at Ambattur station to get a glimpse of him and he was curious not to miss her. Time could not deter love. It was 10.00 P.M. already and his unmindful wife waved devotedly, and our fund manager, was no less devoted and shouted “Anjaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. After this quixotic farewell, he happily occupied the seat, ready to take part in group fun.

Each one showed his own singing talents and started playing Antakshari. Our enthusiasm knew no bounds and we unnoticed that the co traveler’s tolerance exceeded its boundary. When we were knocked on our head, decided to keep quite and indulge our self in playing cards. That was too much for me to stretch for long hours, as I was feeling sleepy and retired to my berth.
It was 8.30 A.M when we reached Mysore. Had some food there, the sole purpose being to contain hunger. Hence did not mind much about quality and service and we took a safer bet of eating idlies. Then we started towards Coorg.

We were in Bylakuppe to visit Tibetian settlement and Golden Temple. Every one of us were curious to know much about Tibetians there and their lifestyle, but unfortunately, none was there to answer us. Our Confident Blabberer explained that all living there are monks and even distinguished their status depending upon the colour of dress they wore. I knew about him and was not ready to buy his statements. But when I checked in net, I found him right. Think I will withdraw the name I have given? Nay.

Golden temple there was really wonderful with very good art works, though I lack patience to go through its dexterity. It was a nice trip to Bylakuppe and we decided to go to Nagerhole. Our Location Planner suggested this and we faithfully believed his words, only to find dry woods. After spending almost an hour of traveling, we found that place worthless and decided to move towards Coorg.

I am very much prone to sneezing and occasionally wheezing too, that I was worrying should I carry my sweater so that my journey towards Coorg would be peaceful. But all our stuffs were already lodged safely at the backside of the bus that we could not think of disturbing them. Hence decided to face the cold when it comes. We were reaching Coorg but there was no sign of cold breeze even. When I asked Laughing Thunder, she smiled and said, “Hai, 30 KM from now, see how u will be frozen.” I believed her timidly as she had been to this place earlier.

By that time we realized that it was off-season and Coorg climate is no better than Chennai’s. Our Laughing Thunder and Lovely Leader smiled sheepishly at each other. (They suggested the place). But that could not put off our mood. We enthusiastically walked towards the room planning for a wonderful evening. By that time the main organizers in the other room (the male members of our team) invited us to join them and we had a nice time relishing the photos taken in the morning. What else can be more joyful than enjoying our own images in different variety?

We had a very tight plan for the next day and were set to cover as many places as possible. Again we went to a pathetic hotel, (had no choice), but enjoyed the food (rather the company we had?). Our first visit was to Thalacauvery that day. I could not enjoy that place much since I found nothing interesting. Rather I was not motivated by Goddess Cauvery to the necessary extent as she had been to Tamil Nadu a long time back and we were eagerly awaiting her arrival in vain for years together.

But a climb from that place to a rather hilly structure to get full view of the valley was really very good experience. We were almost 1500 M above ground level and our Mr. Brave heart’s enthusiasm knew no bounds that he initiated climbing on a very high pole that was planted in the center. We were very much panicked, but that did not stop him. As one monkey went ahead, I expected other monkeys also to follow suit. That happened with Confident bluffer and Location Planner following him and it gave us wonderful snaps, a memory which we can cherish.
As a tired team, we assembled back to the bus, still with bagful of enthusiasm, ready to travel towards Abbey falls.


Blogger Golden Face said...

Hi vasu!

It's Tooooooo good. Though i cld not come to coorg, I cld experience it through ur blog.
I liked the way u named each one in our team. I am eagerly waiting for ur part II. Keep writting.


Monday, March 21, 2005 9:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi vasu,
Its really great that u remember all great fun, places, events in sequencial order. U made my mind to go one another tour to coorg. Waiting to read the next part!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2005 6:29:00 PM  

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